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A Young Girl’s Tyme

Beyoncé’s unusual name stemsfrom her grandmother Agnèz Deréon, whose maiden name was Beyince. Tina Knowles, her mother, decided to givea slight twist to the surname, changing the ‘i’ to ‘o’, and hence the girl we all know now, from the R&B group, Destiny’s Child, became Beyoncé Giselle Knowles.

Born on September 4th, 1981, the girl with long, flowing hair, eyes like a gazelle and a full bodied figure was brought up in Houston, Texas and is from a family of strong, determined women. As a child she often spent time with her Ma and Grandma in the fabric store. This is where her Ma made ready-to-wear fashionable clothes that bore the tag of House of Deréon.

Although the young Beyoncé had an eye for a snazzy dress, and later in adult life took a wider interest in fashion, playing an important role in the fashion house, she was much more interested in belting it out in the church choir as a nipper. From a very young age she loved to dance and sing, entered many local talent shows and won prizes for her ability. The girl was a born natural.

In 1995, Beyoncé formed a group called Girl’s Tyme with her cousin Kelly Rowland and two of her school buddies. The manager was none other than Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, who gave up his day job as a medical equipment salesman to get the girls into shape for a bright and successful future. Having had a difficult childhood with an alcoholic father, Kelly moved into the Knowles household and the two girls became as close as sisters and formed a group.

Destiny’s Child

They changed their names and lineup several times and in 1996, taking the name from a passage in the Book of Isaiah; they called themselves, Destiny’s Child.

In 1997, with negotiation from Beyoncé’s father, they landed a recorddeal with Columbia Records, releasing the self-titled album in 1998. Two singles, “No, No, No” and “With Me”, were released from the album and the song, “Killing Time” which was co-written by the R&B musician and composer, Dwayne Wiggins of Tony! Toni! Tone! fame and who had also produced previous tracks for the group in Oakland, California, was featured in the film soundtrack of Men in Black.

By this time, Destiny’s Child were on their way to stardom, becoming one of the most well-liked all-female R&B groups. They recorded another album, “Writing on the Wall” which was the breakthrough they needed, and from this album came hit singles, “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say My Name”, which hit the No 1 Billboard spot and stayed there for 3 weeks.

Other Projects

Not only has Beyoncé inherited her mother’s Creole looks, she also has her fair share of creative genes. In 2001, the beauty, whose trademark is heavy earrings, revealing clothes and stilettoheels, made her debut acting role in a contemporary, casual representa­tion of Bizet’s Carmen. Reviews were mostly negative but it didn’t stop her co-starring with Mike Myers in Austin Power’s comedy adventure, the spy parody Goldmember.

By 2003, Beyoncé, who had bagged nine or ten top hits with her all girl band, decided to release a solo album. The debut record, “Dangerously in Love” was an enormous commercial success selling millions of records and was received favourably by the critics. Other artists like Missy Elliot and Jay-Z, who Beyoncé had her eye on and was dating at the time, helped her achieve this masterpiece which picked up five Grammy awards.

2004 saw the end of Destiny’s Child. They went out in style, releasing their final studio album, “Destiny Fulfilled.” Some critics stated that the album was their best yet, with infectious dance grooves and downhearted tales of women done wrong. It was certainly the most personal and hands on album, due to Beyoncé being one of the producers and with all the songs co-written by all three girls.

Going Solo

Beyoncé moved from stage to the big screen, starring alongside reputable stars such as Jennifer Hudson and Jamie Foxx in the film version of the Broadway musical, “Dreamgirls”; a film loosely based on the Motown group, The Supremes. Beyoncé played Diana Ross and received two Golden Globe nominations, Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and Best Original Song for “Listen”.

Then, on September 5th, 2006, she released her second album in the US, entitled “B’day”, to coincide with her own 25th birthday. The album took three weeks to complete, with Beyoncé co-writing and co-producing all tracks on the album. It was an im­mediate triumph, crowning the No 1 Billboard spot and peaking in the top ten in 18 charts worldwide. The album, which was influenced by her work on “Dreamgirls,” also landed her a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album.

One of the hit songs from the album, “Irreplaceable,” took the number one spot in five countries and the lead single, “Déjà Vu” featuring Beyoncé’s steady, the rapper and music tycoon. Jay-Z, went on to top the Hot R&B Hip Hop Songs and Hot Dance Club Charts in the US.

In 2008, Beyoncé and Jay-Z eventually tied the knot, putting an end to all the rumours about their secret relationship. The ceremony was small and private, and for once the world was not allowed in. It wasn’t until later in the year that she- decided to show off her five million dollar, 18-carat diamond at the Fashion Rocks Concert in September of the same year. Her hubby could afford it; they were ranked as one of the top earning couples during 2008 and 2009, bringing home a fat wage packet of 122 million dollars. That’s a lot of dosh!

There was no slacking for this newly-wed. as she went out to promote her third solo album, “I am…. Sasha Fierce”, using one of her nicknames in the title, a persona she had developed to overcome her shyness. Although the album reached Number One in the Billboard 200, it received mixed reactions from the critics. The criticism didn’t do her any harm as she became the third female artist of thenoughties to have three albums hit the top spot of the charts.

Beyoncé’s love of the big screen, and appreciation of the R&B empress Etta James, tempted her into starring in the musical biopic. “Cadillac Records” in December 2008. Carrying on the theme of the deceased James, she sang her hallmark song. “At Last”, performing in front of President Obama and the

First Lady, Michelle Obama, at his inaugural ball in January 2009.

When our Queen B (another nickname) is not being hot and steamy on stage, she divides her time between the House of Dereon where she runs a high fashion line, and launches perfumes like her very own fragrance entitled Heat. She has also modelled for L’Oreal and Tommy Hilfiger.

Bowled Over

Having been criticised for using a pre-recorded version of “Star Spangled Banner,” the American national anthem when singing for Barack Obama at his second presidential inauguration, she knew that when she accepted to play the Super Bowl in New Orleans that all eyes would be on her.

You have to be someone mighty special to perform at the Super Bowl, and it’s safe to say that Houston’s leatherclad Ju Ju redeemed herself on February 9, 2013. Along with her old band members, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, she wooed the crowd with her pitch-perfect vocals, sexy curves, waving of the hand and tossing and turning of her caramel coloured hair. Not only were the spectators perusing her voluptuous body they were watching her lips and the veins in her neck to see if she really was Superwoman and singing live.

Her achievements are numerous: in 2001, she became the first African- American woman to ever win the ASCAP Pop Songwriter of the Year Award, walked away with 6 awards at the Grammy’s in 2010, making the total number to date 16. Along with Adele, she held joint spot for the most number one hits on Billboard’s Pop Songs Chart and she was even listed in the top ten of highest female earners in the entertainment business in 2011.

January 7th, 2012 was a happy time for Beyoncé and Jay-Z as their daughter Blue Ivy Carter was born. It has been reported that motherhood has changed Beyoncé and given her more of a purpose than her career ever could, not that it’s slowing down; she is now on the road promoting her Mrs Carter World Tour, named after her marriage to Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. The tour began in Belgrade, Serbia in April 15th took in the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland on May 25th and finishes in Brooklyn, US on August 5th.

As for the new album – it’s on hold, as two singles released from the proposed album have both flopped and the team want to get the winning formula right and knock the fans dead. It’s tough getting to the top but even tougher to stay there, but going on her past record, this feisty lady has what it takes to continue to bowl over her audience.

to stem from I pochodzić od

maiden name | nazwisko panieńskie

to give a slight twist to sth’! zmienić coś trochę, nadać czemuś nowy charakter

flowing I falujący

full bodied I o pełnych kształtach

fabric store I sklep tekstylny

to bear | nosić tag I tu: metka

snazzy I odjazdowy, ekstra

to belt sth out I za/śpiewać coś na całe gardło

nipper | dziecko, szkrab

born natural I osoba posiadająca wrodzony talent

school buddy I kolega ze szkoły

to give upsth | zarzucić coś, zrezygnować z czegoś

medical equipment salesman I sprzedawca sprzętu medycznego s

household I gospodarstwo domowe, dom

line up I skład, obsada

to land a record deal I zawrzeć kontrakt nagraniowy

to release sth I wypuszczać na rynek

stardom ] gwiazdorstwo s

to inherit sth | odziedziczyć coś

share | udział, część

trademark I tu:znak rozpoznawczy

stilleto heels | szpilki, buty na wysokich obcasach

to co-star with sb I występować razem z kimś

to bag sth | tu: uzyskać, zdobyć

to have one’s eye on sb | mieć na kogoś oko

to achieve sth I osiągać coś

masterpiece | dzieło

to pick up sth I tu: zgarniać coś

to go out in style | odejść z klasą

infectious | wciągający, chwytliwy

groove I rytm, melodia

downhearted I tu: smutny, przygnębiający

hands on | wymagający aktywnego uczestnictwa, zaangażowania, angażujący, absorbujący

due to I z powodu

reputable I ceniony, szanowany

loosely ] luźno

to coincide with sth I zbiegać się z czymś to crown sth | zwieńczać coś

to peak I tu: królować

steady I skarb, sympatia (pieszczotliwie)

tycoon I potentat

eventually I ostatecznie, w końcu

to tie the knot I zawrzeć związek małżeński

to put an end to sth | kłaść czemuś kres

to allow in I wpuszczać

to show off sth I popisać się, pochwalić się czymś

hubby I mężuś, mężulek

to afford sth I móc sobie na coś pozwolić

wage packet I wypłata

dosh | pot.kasa (pieniądze)

to slack I zwalniać tempo

newly-wed | świeżo poślubiony/a

nickname I ksywka

to overcome sth I przezwyciężać coś

the noughties I tu: pierwsza dekada XXI wieku

biopic I biografia filmowa

to carry on sth I kontynuować coś

deceased | zmarły

hallmark song I sztandarowa/czołowa piosenka

steamy I tu: pociągający, kuszący

to launch sth | wprowadzać coś na rynek (np. linię perfum)

fragrance I perfumy, zapach

bowled over | rzucony na kolana, wprawie w zachwyt

mighty I tu:bardzo

leather clad I skórzany kostium.

to redeem oneself I zrekompensować się

to woo sb | tu: uwodzić kogoś

pitch-perfect I tu: doskonały

to toss sth I odgarniać, zarzucać coś

to peruse sb | tu: przyglądać się komuś

voluptuous I ponętny

vein | żyła

achievement | osiągnięcie

numerous | liczny

motherhood | macierzyństwo

to be on hold | zostać wstrzymanym

to flop I ponieść porażkę

to knock sb dead I powalić kogoś (zaskoczyć kogoś pozytywnie)

feisty I zawadiacki, zadziorny

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